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International Conference on Inclusive Education in Multicultural Classrooms

The International Conference on Inclusive Education in Multicultural Classrooms was held at Izmir Katip Çelebi University in Turkey. Its theme was Challenges and Opportunities in Multicultural Learning Environments. Dr. Petra Chaloupková, Vice Dean for International Relations, participated on behalf of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences.

The conference brought together leading academics and educators to discuss inclusive pedagogy, curriculum development and strategies for navigating diverse classroom environments. Keynote speakers, including Prof. Dr. Simona Lache, Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Sierra, Dr. Petra Chaloupkova and Prof. Dr. Aydin Balyer, addressed topics such as internationalization in higher education, access to diverse cultures and increasing institutional capacity. During the meeting, participants shared best practices and approaches as well as research results with each other.  The theme of the conference was intercultural communication, innovative teaching methods and promoting inclusiveness.

The programme included parallel sessions dealing with specific aspects of multicultural education. Individual sessions included discussions on inclusive leadership and curriculum integration, as well as exploring gender diversity and cultural competence in higher education. Participants engaged in dialogues about managing diverse student populations, implementing universal design for learning, and addressing bias in educational settings. The event not only highlighted the importance of inclusive education in a globalised world, but also provided a platform for educators to exchange ideas and develop practical solutions for their learners.

Dr. Petra Chaloupková presented the results of a qualitative survey conducted in April 2023 through structured interviews with academic staff and international students at the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. These highlighted the importance of teamwork. Subsequently, students were approached in March 2024 to express their attitudes towards multicultural teamwork through an online questionnaire.

As a practical example of promoting collaborative learning in a multicultural environment, a collaborative project between three European universities from Austria, the Czech Republic and Sweden aimed to improve students' softskills, scientific communication, critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills through innovative teaching methods and real-time case studies from different world regions.

Green Plate Forum 2024 in Vienna

On Tuesday 25 June, the Green Plate Forum 2024 event took place at the BOKU University in Vienna, attended by representatives of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. The event focused on sustainable eating and environmental protection through unique culinary practices and recipes from different cultures.

Join the 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference for Young Researchers

The 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference for Young Researchers (MCYR) is organized by the BioResources and Technology Division (Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague) in collaboration with the AgriSciences Platform, the OSIRIS and COMUNIDAD projects.

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